Tuesday, March 15, 2016

rainbow baby blanket

if you follow me on instagram then chances are you've seen this blanket.  it was a gift i made for a sweet mama friend on ig. 
I've had a few people ask for the pattern so here it is:

rainbow baby blanket:

worsted weight yarn in all the rainbow colors
I  or 5.5 hook 

(for each square i used the foundationless double crochet technique)

row 1: 20 fdc
row 2-12: 1 dc in each stitch (20 dc) 
when you get to your last row do not break yarn.  join new color and repeat pattern until you have 1 strip of 4 different colors.

make 5 strips of 4 squares.  

once all your strips of squares are done whipstitch them together with coordinating yarn color.  

for the border:  hdc evenly around blanket (make sure to put 3 hdc in each corner) 
repeat 3 more times.

if you have any questions or need help please let me know. i am huge on supporting my fellow crocheters!


  1. Love it!

  2. Love it!

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